What sets JJ Splice apart is we understand customer psychology and know exactly what buttons to push to get a reaction.  

We work with businesses and brands to create powerful messages and bring them to life with passion and creativity - and we’re always driven by strategy.  

We’re your creative directors, your art directors, your cinematographers, your editors and your digital strategists - all under one roof.  

We thrive on getting massive results on small budgets. And it doesn’t stop with beautiful videos.  

We leverage the power of digital targeting to amplify content across all available channels to create powerful, measurable business results.  

We've created large scale events, internationally acclaimed feature films, music videos that have topped the charts. And we’ve leveraged the power of the moving image to help some of the biggest - and smallest - businesses achieve their goals.

In the age of COVID, we've consolidated back to the basics to provide leaner, faster and more

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